Kevin's Top Tips

It looks like the winter has now arrived with a vengeance and so it is important to make sure your car is protected against the cold weather over the coming months.

Regularly check your tyre pressures and visually check tread and sidewalls for wear and or damage, if in doubt call in and we will check for you free of charge.

Anti Freeze
Make certain your antifreeze is up to the correct strength. Having too concentrated a solution can also cause damage.

Windscreen Washer Fluid
Make certain your windscreen washer fluid is topped up regularly and if the temperature drops the mixture needs to be strenghthened to minimise the risk of freezing.

We've all done it - starting the car and activating the windscren wipers automatically. But watch out! If the wipers are frozen to the windscreen, they will tear the rubber blades and ruin them. Try popping a plastic bottle cap under each wiper blade arm to elevate them from the windshield overnight.

Emergency supplies
We know Wiltshire isn't the Arctic but if you are caught in a stand-still motorway traffic jam this winter, you may need additional warmth for yourself and your passengers.

So over the winter, always carry spare blankets and clothing, and a few chocolate bars (hidden away from your kids) may come in handy! You may also wish to consider a flask of hot tea or coffee if you need to travel long distances. You never know! Also don't forget a charged torch and a snow spade for those really snowy conditions.

And after the winter eat those chocolate bars before the summer heat wave!

Long-distance journeys
If you cover large business mileage you may consider purchasing a set of winter wheels and tyres. These may be changed in the spring and will last - with careful maintenance - for many years of confident, safer driving.